Sacré-Coeur, c’est aussi l’anglais!

Voici un texte fourni par Mme Jeanne-Mance, enseignante en anglais, à propos de Mme Marie-Laure, qui l’a remplacée pendant 5 mois à l’école.

Ms. Marie-Laure substituted for Ms. Jeanne-Mance from April until the end of November 2017 in grades 2 to 6 English as a Second language classes.                     

Here is what one of our grade 6 students had to say about her passage at our school :

Mrs. Marie-Laure was a very friendly teacher with a lot of ideas and potential. I think the students liked the way she explained everything. She was always ready to answer our questions with easier words and expressions. Mrs. Marie-Laure has a lot of experience and was a fabulous teacher for the months that she worked with us. Beside the fact that she was an English teacher, she was also very funny and liked to tell jokes. She also was a super substitute teacher for the school and it was a nice experience!

Mirea Brankova,

Grade 6 Marilyne